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April, 2014
On April 14-16, 2014 the 13th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, the IPSN 2014 took place in Berlin.
The " Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition" was co-located with the IPSN for the first time.
36 submissions from 32 teams have been accepted to this competition.

Lambda:4 won this contest!

With the further developed easyPoint-technology for position indication, we achieved - by far - the best result of all competitors. In an area of about 300m² the mean position error for overall 20 positions was determined.
The mean position error of the easyPoint system in the competition was only 0.7m, by using only six easyPoint anchor-nodes (most other competitors used 10 anchor-nodes).

The other competitors followed with a mean position error of 1.6m and 2.0m on the 2nd and 3rd place.
Because of the shown high accuracy Lambda:4 Entwicklungen received the 1st place of this Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition Award.

For download "easyPoint IPSN competition results" see below in download list.

September, 2013
Speech, discussions and demonstration at the Silpion SolutionsCamp 2013 ( 13th of September 2013. In our speech we presented the recent developmemt of our technology (Presentation Slides). We had discussions with cell phone industry application engineers about applications with our technology. Furthermore the participants were able to receive an impression about the performance of our technology at the installed pilot project on the premises of Silpion.

June, 2013
During the In-Location Alliance Plenary Meeting from 18 - 19 of June 2013 in Sunnyvale, CA we demonstrated our prototypes. An audience of specialists in the area of indoor localization had the opportunity to try out the prototypes and to convince themselves of the performance of our technology. The feedback was consistently positive. Furthermore we gave a presentation on the easyPoint technology, use cases, the future of indoor localization as well as about Lambda:4s road-map. Please feel free to download our presentation: "In-Location Alliance Presentation Lambda:4"

March, 2013
From March 20-21, 2013 we presented the consequent further development of our technology - our new system easyPoint for precise and low cost indoor localization and navigation - at the Workshop on Positioning Navigation and Communication 2013 (WPNC – in Dresden.

Introduced were the low cost anchor nodes (indoor satellites) - the easyPoints, the tag and an Android-application easyPoint-App for position indication.

The easyPoints were simply fixed on walls/windows and connected to a power supply. The tag is able to identify its position inside the building. This position was displayed in the easyPoint-App on a smartphone. With this installation it was possible to show the impressive accuracy through walls and closed doors in a 650m² big part of the HTW Dresden building. The mean deviation in a field test in this complex indoor area was just 1.26m.

Furthermore we have done a structured test, as mentioned above, in the main building of the HTW Dresden to analyse the position accuracy. In this test we reached an average accuracy of 1.26m. Please find the results and a description of the test installation and test process in the document "Protocol Test easyPoint at HTW Dresden".

The measured distance data can be provided on request in an Excel readable text file.

Among all exhibitors we received for our presentation the award "Best Demonstration - WPNC 2013".

Information to our new technology:
You will find the function principle and a comparison of different distance measurement methods in the paper "Distance Measurement by means of Radio Waves Comparison of Classical and High-Resolution Spectral Methods".

In the paper "Highly accurate distance measurement with radio wave methods for low cost localization" our technology is explained.

More information about our technology and possible applications are described in our handout "Indoor Localization and Navigation Low cost, and yet: Accurate and Reliable".


In-Location Alliance
Lambda:4 is a member of the In-Location Alliance

Lambda:4 is winner of the Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition Award 2014

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