Lambda:4 | Analysis of radio wave fields

Waves are harmony

Physicists also like to call a wave „a harmonic oscillation “and mean by this the run of the sine wave of the “wave surface.“

Waves are chaos

If many waves run around in shambles, such as in a frequently used swimming pool, it appears chaotic to people and no longer predictable.

But waves are profoundly predictable and the related mathematical methods were extensively researched last century.

With modern small sized computers, even complex wave fields can be mathematically analyzed today.

Radio waves are mystical - high frequency is magic

... quite a popular belief.

This is surely due to “the invisibility“ of radio waves, whose existence was proven by Heinrich Hertz in 1888.

The assumed incalculability plays a particularly decisive role for high frequency radio waves. A mobile phone operates well in one place and a few inches further there is an annoying “dead spot“.

In the eyes of experts, there is still another difference to most other forms of waves: radio waves have a polarization. This makes it harder to analyze a wave field than, for example, acoustic waves – however, it is very advantageous for various applications.

Analyse von Wellenfelder
Analyse von Wellenfelder
Analyse von Wellenfelder