Lambda:4 | History

The history of the Lambda:4 group goes back a long way. The enterprises and entrepreneurs involved are well-known in Hamburg for their groundbreaking development and products over the last 25 years.


Out of this group of medium-sized Hamburg companies, a project concerned with different modern possibilities for the analysis of wave fields arose in 2002. This project was initially borne in collaboration with the LBE Flugtechnik GmbH, with subsequent various research activities being started. At the same time, a market analysis was carried out, particularly in the navigation, aviation, logistics and emergency radio locating fields.


Due to the wide scope of this visionary technology, an independent company was founded in 2004 – Lambda:4 GmbH & Co. KG – for the continuous development and elaboration of this technology in different areas of application. A feasibility study quickly provided evidence of the controllability of the technology. In order to secure the know-how, different patents have been and will be filed.


For the preparation of the marketing of the technology, all the business activities were transferred to the subsidiary, Lambda:4 Entwicklungen GmbH, in summer 2009.


The Lambda:4 group was restructured. This stands in connection with cooperations in the very different application areas of the - market leading - technology of the analysis of complex wave fields developed by Lambda:4.


The Lambda:4 group was further restructured, parts of Lambda:4 were sold. The Lambda:4 Entwicklungen GmbH at the headquarter in Hamburg-Altona is mainly concentrating on new application areas. The further development of the existing technology in selected application areas was outsourced or handed over to partners.