Lambda:4 | Applications for radio locating


Logistics means optimization. For this purpose, it is essential to get a general idea of where something is at an exact time and where it is going. In a complex storage environment for example, it is important that requested goods are found quickly.
Also, the parcel / bulk cargo and container management at airports, ports and for rail traffic represents a great challenge.
In order to control this system, an accurate tracing and localization of every single unit becomes essential.


When saving human lives, it is vitally important that injured or missing people are quickly found. At this point, existing systems must be properly extended. In some sectors, new views are to be developed.

Safety engineering

In recent years, the need for security has increased considerably. The actual security should be increased by target-oriented surveillance without affecting the privacy of individuals more than is absolutely necessary.

Automotive sector

The automobile industry has always been one of the most efficient innovation leaders. In Germany in particular, many new technologies are studied and developed with, amongst others, an emphasis on new or improved safety systems. Even entertainment and ease of use play an important role.

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Industrial manufacturing technology

Mechanical engineering is developing more and more in the direction of intelligent systems for more or less fully automatic manufacturing.
For example, to prevent the wrong wheel rim being mounted accidentally, a complex logistic planning is necessary as well as monitoring and/or control.


In emergency situations in particular, it is of great help for the hospital management to know exactly where which physician currently is.

Medical science

Nowadays, with state-of-the-art sensors and procedures, many diseases or injuries can be reliably recognized without any surgical interference.
Existing analytical devices can be improved at this point and totally new approaches must be studied.
The objective is to achieve new – and as far as possible more cost-efficient –  analytical methods.

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